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SAREL by Schneider Electric
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Cablofil Cable tray system

Schneider Electric Enclosure

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Schneider Certificate
Industrial BoxesSteel industrial boxes

Steel industrial boxes
Insulating industrial boxes (Polyester)



Steel wall-mounting enclosureSteel wall-mounting enclosures

Steel wall-mounting enclosures




Steel floor-standing enclosuresSteel floor-standing enclosures

Steel floor-standing compact enclosures
Steel floor-standing suitable enclosures


Steel control desk enclosures

Steel control desk enclosures
Steel control desk with console and desk


Stainless-steel enclosuresStainless-steel enclosures

Stainless-steel wall-mounting enclosures
Stainless-steel floor-standing monobloc enclosures
Stainless-steel floor-standing suitable enclosure
Stainless-steel floor-standing control desk


Insulating enclosuresInsulating enclosures

Insulating modular boxes
Wall-mounting in polyester
Floor-standing in polyester
Floor-standing DIN in polyester







Thermal Management SystemThermal management system

Ventilation and Airing systems
Cooling Units
Resistance Heaters
Thermal Control


Technical AnnexesTechnical annexes




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